WOD STRENGTH-SPEED: Sunday September 4th 2011

4 Sep

This workout follows the protocol for the first week of my strength-speed phase, last workout I did Squat and Push Press as the barbell work, this workout I am using the Deadlift and the Bench Press. For the speed/explosive work I choose to take one rotational move (twist) and one move generating power from on the knees (get up). I will explain the exercises more at the bottom of the page.


(3 rounds) Deadlift @ 65%/75%/85% x 5 reps/5 reps/ 5+ reps
Explosive Landmine Twist x 6 reps/6 reps/ 6 reps

* I used only a 25 Lb plate on the twist, focus on moving the bar as FAST as possible, each rotation counts as 1 rep that is why you do 6


(3 rounds) Bench Press @ 65%/75%/85% x 5 reps/5reps/ 5+ reps
Explosive Get Ups x 5 reps/5reps/5 reps


Each round consists of:

(6 reps) 1-Arm Dumbbell Snatch 

(5 reps) Burpee Tuck Jump

——Every min on the min for 10 min

NOTE: For the dumbbell snatch I used 35 LB as I am new at this excercise… switch arms every 3 reps… be careful on the way down I smashed the dumbbell into my head today because I was tired and not paying attention, IT SUCKS

Click HERE to see what a Landmine Twist looks like

Click HERE to see what a Burpee Tuck Jump looks like

* In the video the guy does not touch the ground with his chest I recommend you do so it is much harder

Click HERE to see what a 1-Arm Dumbbell Snatch looks like

 Explosive Get Up: I could not find a video for this so I will describe it… basically you are on your knees and in one explosive motion you pop up on both feet. To make it grappling specific once you get to your feet shoot a double leg.

 NOTE: soon I will be making videos of the workouts I need to invest in a camera and find someone who is good with audio/visual 

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: EMAIL ME alexcohn000@gmail.com


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