Syntha 6: Meal Replacement (PRODUCT REVIEW)

5 Sep

I have been using Syntha-6 by BSN (Vanilla Ice Cream) as a meal replacement for the last 4 weeks. I choose Syntha-6 because it was a lean meal replacement (200 cal/scoop) and offers a variety of sustain released proteins. I felt this product was too lean to be a meal replacement and often found myself mixing it with a cup of fruit.

I payed about $70 for my bottle from Popeyes and it comes with 52 servings in the container. This works out to be about $1.40 per serving which I think is quite reasonable. I generally take two servings a day, the first as a meal replacement 3 hours after breakfast and again as my last meal of the night


Price                  4/5

Taste                  4/5

Ingredients      4/5


I would recommend this product to anyone that is cutting weight and wants to use this as a meal replacement in between solid meals. If you are trying to eat a diet of 2,500 calories or less then Syntha-6 may be for you. Anything higher, you will want to invest in something that packs more weight each scoop.


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