What should I be eating after a workout?

5 Sep

So you just finished a good workout… now what?

Paying attention to post workout nutrition is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Below is by far the best article written on post workout nutrition I have come across.

Click HERE to read part 1

Click HERE to read part 2

Dont feel like reading that much? Here are some quotes:

“I believe it’s reasonable to suggest that a strength athlete consume one meal of 0.8g of carbohydrate and 0.4 g of protein / kg of body weight immediately after training”

NOTE: 1 lb = 2.2 kg

“This means that the 154 lb weight lifter would need 56 g of carbs and 28 g of protein while the 220 lb weight lifter would need about 80 g of carbs and 40 g of protein after a weight-training workout. Since glycogen synthesis rates are so high in strength athletes, they would only need to consume this type of meal immediately after the workout and then resume normal eating about 2-3 hours later. “

NOTE: the easiest way to get your post workout nutrition in is using a whey protein and mixing it with sugar. I personally use Whey Protein Isolate and Brown Sugar measuring it out on a digital scale to make sure I am getting the right numbers.Fruit is also a great option.



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