WOD STRIKING SPECIFIC: Thursday September 8th 2011

8 Sep

Today I decided to do a striking workout on the heavy bag, the last day I isolated punching kicking, knees and elbows… this workout was about combinations.  Next week I will have videos up of the workouts including warm up and mobility drills to do before you start your work sets.

Click HERE to see last weeks workout

NOTE: The combination choices are my own personal preference, change them as you see fit. To get the most out of this workout get an interval timer like the GymBoss or have a friend call out times. How many of each combination can you throw 30 (s)? try to beat it next time or compete with a friend.


Complex # 1: Kickboxing Combinations

30 (s)     Jab-Cross-Left Kick

30 (s)     Cross-Jab-Right Kick

Repeat for 5 minutes

Complex # 2: Clinch Combinations (starting clinching the bag)

30 (s) Power punching/elbows from the clinch

30 (s) Knees from the clinch *at least 4 knees in a row

Repeat for 5 minutes

Click HERE to see an example of how you can use the clinch position on a live opponent

Complex # 3: Takedown Defense

30 (s) Jab-Cross-Jab-Cross + Sprawl

30 (s) Right kick + Sprawl + Left Kick + Sprawl

Repeat for 5 minutes

Click HERE to see UFC fighter Ryan Bader explain how to Sprawl properly


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