How to workout anywhere 101: Friday September 9th 2011 (BODY-WEIGHT/GYMNASTICS))

9 Sep

Today I feel like doing some bodyweight complex’s because I have been lifting a lot of heavy weights lately and I want to see if it has made me stronger all around.

NOTE: don’t have an interval timer? set a rep range for each complex…use a stop watch and try to get through as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes. This workout could be done at a park, instead of heavy bag work do some sprints.

Example: 5 pull ups + 5 dips … how many rounds can you get through in 5 minutes?

Complex 1

30 (s)     5 x Pull ups

30 (s)     5 x Dips

Repeat for 5 Minutes

Complex 2

30 (s) L-Hang      * when you fail go into leg raises

30 (s) Plank

Click HERE to see what an L-Hang looks like

Complex 3

30 (s) Handstand Hold against a wall

30 (s) Rest

Repeat for 5 minutes


30 (s) Jab-Cross- Left Kick-Sprawl

30 (s) Cross-Jab Right Kick-Sprawl

Repeat for 5 minutes


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