WOD STRENGTH-SPEED: Monday September 12th 2011

12 Sep

We are going into week three of four in the strength-speed phase. This week is the most important of all because we ramp the weight up to 95% of our 1 RM and get to see how much progress we have made.  

NOTE: if there is a + on the end ie- 1+ it means get at least 1 rep but this is your set to max out, so try to get as many as you can.

 Don’t understand the percentages for the weights? Click HERE


(3 rounds) Back Squat @ 75%/85%/95% x 5 reps/3 reps/ 1+ reps
High Box Distance Jumps x 5 reps

NOTE: don’t have a box? just try to jump as far as you can 


(3 rounds) Push Press @ 75%/85%/95% x 5 reps/ 3reps/ 1+ reps
Lateral Hops x 30 reps

Whats a lateral hop? Click here 


Each round consists of:
(5 reps) Power Clean + (10 reps) Plyo Pushups

 ——Every min on the min for 10 min

How to do a Power Clean? Click here 

How to do a Plyo Pushup ? Click here (you don’t need the boxes) 



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