Weight Loss 101: First Steps

15 Sep

I am starting a new section on the blog called Weight Loss 101; this is for anyone looking to loose extra pounds. I myself used to weigh 240 LB and currently weigh 155 LB, I accumulated some tricks that really helped me along the way. The key to your success is not some trendy diet; it is consistency and common sense. Most of you have a pretty good idea what you should be eating it’s more a matter of doing it and continuing to do it over an extended period of time.  Each pound of fat has 3,500 calories, meaning your body needs to be in a deficit every day to accumulate this number. I try to aim for a -500 deficit each day but we will get into this at a later post

So here is the challenge for today, if you people are serious about losing the weight you have been putting off for so long…then commit to an action plan TODAY…. This does not mean you need to throw your cookies out the window and jump on the treadmill but what needs to be done is a firm commitment to yourself that as of RIGHT NOW you are slowly but surely going to achieve your goal.


  • Write down a weight you would like to be 6 months from now and 1 year from now.
  • How would it feel if you were currently at this weight?
  • What would be different in your life? 

NOTE: WRITE THIS DOWN AND PUT IT WHERE YOU WILL SEE IT (BATHROOM, FRIDGE ETC). If you are willing…please post a small blurb about yourself and your goal in the comment section 🙂


EMAIL ME: alexcohn000@gmail.com


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