19 Sep

We are starting week 1 with the Squat and its variations; the Squat is easily in the top 3 movements every human being should practice on a regular basis but why?

Are you sitting in a chair right now?… you are going to have to squat to get out of the chair. Plain and simple it’s a natural human movement that has functionality in all aspects of our daily life.

NOTE: Trying to get stronger? The Squat has been referred to as the “King” of all exercises for building strength.

Today we are going to focus on the very basics of the squat and will cover:

  • Air Squat: this is a move that should be practiced for the rest of your life. It will transfer directly into your weighted squats and is a great way to warm up at the beginning of a workout. Don’t worry if you suck at it… everyone does at first.

Click HERE to see the video

NOTE: try squatting on top of a medicine ball

  • 10-Minute Squat Test:  do you feel like you could use more flexibility in the hips? Try the 10 minute Squat test, its proven to increase range of motion in the hips immediately

Click HERE to see the video

NOTE: Cant do 10 minutes?… no problem just go as long as you can


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