19 Sep

There are many theories on this topic, I will be covering my own personal opinion that I adopted from the Crossfit methodology. Most people break their workouts into sessions per week. Instead try looking at things from a monthly perspective.

  • ….Yeah but how many days a week?

3 days on 1 day off seems to work really well, this turns out to be about 20 workouts a month.  If you are putting yourself through tough workouts every time, you will begin to plateau around the third day. Listen to your body; I often take 2 or more days off if I am very beat up from the previous workouts. Remember it’s all about performance; it makes no sense to go to the gym if you’re sore and tired you’re better off resting and hitting it tomorrow when you can actually accomplishing something.


You have 20 workouts with this method, what are you going to do with it? Have a goal in mind that you are slowly but surely going to accomplish at the end of the month. This topic will be covered in depth soon.


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