HOW DO I GET REALLY STRONG? (question & answer)

20 Sep

Getting strong is not complicated but like anything worth while in life, it takes dedication and discipline. Many people (myself included) have spent countless hours in the gym jumping from program-to-program only to stay a similar level of strength year round.

All that can be over-with starting today, if you decide to take a smart approach to lifting. This is just a question & answer post, I will be putting together a full article on this topic shortly.

QUESTION: I want to get really strong, I go to the gym 5 times a week but I have stayed the same for years. 

ANSWER: Some of the greatest weight-lifters of all time have been generous enough to write articles and books on the subject of getting really strong. The one that has given me the most success is Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 Manual, he follows a system that has you working at specific percentages of your 1 RM (the weight you can lift only once). Here is a preview of his system.

NOTE: confused by the percentages? Click HERE to see my article on how to make this easy 

75% x 5 
80% x 5 
85% x 5+ 

80% x 3 
85% x 3 
90% x 3+ 

75% x 5 
85% x 3 
95% x 1+ 

WEEK 4 (recovery week) 
60% x 5 
65% x 5 
70% x 5 

Interested in the manual? Click HERE to see more 


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