NUTRITION 101: Solid Food Meals

20 Sep

NOTE: I am changing the name from Weight Loss 101 to Nutrition 101 because everyone can benefit from following these concepts, not just those looking to lose weight.

Last post we covered “What are you going to eat” which in a nutshell broke your meals down into

  1. Solid Food Meals
  2. Meal Replacement Powder or Bar

Click HERE to see the last post

Today we are going to cover what to eat for the solid food meals, assuming we are following my example of someone who wants to eat five to six times a day, this will require three solid food meals.

Depending on your caloric requirement each of the solid food meals should contain approximately.. Protein (20-30 grams) & Fat (5-15 grams) and the addition of Carbohydrates will depend on your own personal goals.

A good general rule to follow would be eating Carbohydrates:

  1. At Breakfast
  2. Post-Workout Shake
  3. Post-Workout Solid Food Meal
Click HERE to read the post on “What should I be eating after a workout” 

I will give you an example of a typical day for me:

NOTE: I eat a lot… this is NOT a one size fits all template, it is an example of how to plan your solid food meals in with your carbohydrates.

Meal 1:                 1 TSB Olive Oil + Omlette (5 egg whites, 1 whole egg) + Veggies + 1 piece of fruit + 1 slice of whole grain bread +Water + Coffee

Meal 2:                 1 scoop of Meal Replacement Powder (right now I am using Syntha-6)

**WORKOUT (Drink Post-Workout Shake Immediately) **

Meal 3:                 Chicken Stir Fry + 1 slice of whole grain bread + 1 piece of fruit + water + green tea

NOTE: I have eaten carbs with Breakfast/Post-Workout Shake & Post-Workout Meal

Meal 4:                 1 scoop Meal Replacement Powder

Meal 5:                 Chicken Stir Fry + water

Meal 6:                 1 scoop Meal Replacement Powder



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