23 Sep


I am very busy, how can I prepare my meals three days in advance.?


Set aside two days a week that you can devote 1-2 hours for food preparation, I like to do this on Sunday and Wednesday but this is personal preference.

STEP 1: Figure out what you want to eat and what ingredients you will need, let’s use Chicken Stir-Fry as an example (we will use minimal ingredients to make this simple)

  • Chicken Breast/ Broccoli Crowns/ Onion/Mushrooms

STEP 2: How much should you be eating per serving and how many servings do you want to make? (I generally only measure the protein in the meal, eat as much veggies as you want.)

  • 4 oz Chicken

STEP 3: Update the grocery list based on how many servings you want (we will use 6 servings in this example)

  • 24 oz Chicken/ 6 Broccoli Crowns/ 2 Onions/ 2 Packages Mushrooms

STEP 4: Cook the food, when finished lay out 6 tupper-ware containers and fill each with equal portions.

  • You will now have 6 grab and go healthy meals

NOTE: You will save a ton of money if you stick to this scenario using the 80/20 Rule for dieting click HERE to see the article on the 80/20 Rule


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