23 Sep


I am not much of a weight-lifter but I do play competitive sports, can I benefit from Creatine?


Before answering this question we must understand what Creatine actually does to enhance performance, Click HERE to see the post that explains this

In summary, Creatine helps to enhance the ATP-PC energy system (3-15 seconds)… so what does this mean in terms of sports?

Creatine may help your performance if….

  • Your sport has short intense bursts of action: the ATP-PC system lasts around 3-15 seconds if the activity requires you to use maximal force in short bursts (a football player/combat sports/sprinting, etc) then supplementing with Creatine may improve these short bursts

Creatine will NOT help with your performance if….

  • You are an endurance athlete: your sport consists of a steady pace for a long period of time, this type of activity does not utilize the ATP-PC system so having built up stores of Creatine will not help you.

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