24 Sep

Today we will be covering the Squat as an Endurance/Conditioning tool and what better way to do that then with a Barbell Complex. A Barbell Complex is a chain of exercises that flow together to form one hell of a workout.

  • This workout is a Squat Barbell Complex put together by legendary strength and conditioning coach Istvan Javorek.
  • Click HERE to see a video of the workout

Each Round consists of:

10 x Squat Jump

10 x Full Squat + Toe Raise (each time: come up all the way onto the balls of your feet)

10 x Toe Raise + Squat Jump (each time: toe raise then reset then squat jump) 

10 x Toe Raise

10 x Squat Jump

10 x High Box Jumps

NOTE: start with just the bar or your own bodyweight and work your way up, this workout is able to challenge any human being on the planet.


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