28 Sep

Deciding what to do each day at the gym seems to be a problem for many people. This is a controversial topic among the fitness community and I wanted to share the method that has worked for ME. This approach took me many years to learn (not that it is complicated, my ego was getting in the way). This style of programming can be useful for just about anyone that is focusing solely on fitness and does not have obligations to another sport/activity. 

NOTE: This is a huge topic and this post only goes over the basics and a general template, in a later post I will explain how to program for the different days

From my experience there are generally two types of “worker outers”

  1. Overly committed
  2. Not committed enough

I tend to fall into the “overly committed” category and that is who will benefit most from this post.  We can break the workout week into three categories

  1. Work Days
  2. Mobility/ Skill Days
  3. Rest Days

WORK DAYS:  These are the days that you into the gym and give it everything you got.

MOBILITY/SKILL DAYS: These are the days that you go into the gym and stretch the entire body and practice exercises/skills that you suck at. This is not meant to be a hard workout but used to keep the body loose and address any areas of discomfort.

REST DAYS: No need for an explanation here.

CASE STUDY: The Average Worker-Outer

GOAL:  I want to get in better shape and feel healthier

1 Work Day
2 Mobility/Skill Day
3 Work Day
4 Mobility Skill Day
5 Work Day
6 Rest or Mobility/Skill Day
7 Rest Day


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