3 Oct

The Deadlift is the starting point to learning more complex lifts such as The Power Clean. The first step in understanding how it  transfers over to the Power Clean,  is to practice transferring The Deadlift into a basic explosive movement.

Step 1: The Jump Shrug

  • The Jump Shrug is essentially an explosive barbell shrug however it will teach you how to transfer weight explosively past the lockout point of the Deadlift.
Click HERE to see The Jump Shrug

Step 2: The High Pull

  •  The High Pull is a little bit more technical than the Jump Shrug but also quite easy to learn, this will get you familiar with actually exploding the weight above the waist 
Click HERE to see The High Pull

Step 3: The Power Clean

  • The Power Clean is the final move of a series and combines all of the techniques. The Power Clean is a great tool to have both for building strength and as a conditioning tool
Click HERE to see  The Power Clean

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