5 Oct

It’s the final day with Great Uncle Deadlift and it’s now time to talk about grip options. When you are first starting it does not matter much how you grip the bar, but once you start to add some weight you will inevitably run into grip troubles. We will be going over Three Grip Options

Clean Grip:  This is a double overhand grip and the one that most people will start with, it is great for beginners and those looking to transfer the Deadlift into the Power Clean (covered earlier in the week)
Mixed Grip:

A grip that becomes useful when you start to add heavy weight to the bar, it consists of one hand gripping the bar from the top and the other hand gripping it from underneath. It is personal preference on where the hands go however it is a common practice to use the right as an underhand grip. 

Straps: This option really only becomes useful when you are lifting very heavy weight, one in which you normally would not have the grip strength for. Many people notice they will be able to life more when using straps… I encourage you not to give in to temptation….. While straps have their uses, don’t neglect your grip strength. 


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