23 Feb

Today we will be going over how to use the Squat as a plyometric tool. If you have ever wanted to jump higher or move faster then the Plyometric-Squat should be a close friend of yours.

Click HERE to see a video on the basics


I am already using weighted squats in my routine; can I also do the Plyometric-Squat?


If you are new to working out, I would recommend you wait until your body is accustom to Squatting, try just working on your Air Squat & Back Squat for a month or two then throw in some variations like the Plyometric-Squat.

An example of how you can program plyometric work into your routine would be similar to the Strength-Speed phase.  Click HERE to see the archived workout notes

Basically what I did was perform my Primary Exercise: Back Squat and then performed a Plyometric move immediately afterwards Secondary Exercise: High Box Jump x 5 Reps


Can I use Plyometric Squats for Fat-Loss & Conditioning?


You sure can!… try combining the Tabata method with the plyometric squat for a brutal workout.

Click HERE to see an example of how to do this (this video uses the Air Squat… you can also use the Plyometric Squat instead)

Click HERE to see my article: FIT IN 4 MINUTES: Tabata Method for Fat-Loss & Conditioning

NOTE: Looking for an extra challenge…. Try it 1-leg at a time Click HERE to see the video

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