mOBILITY pROJECT: -The Drills->1.0

27 Mar

These exercises can be done at my current abilities/range of motion while remaining challenged…. I am hoping to start filming short video clips of each exercise and combined as super sets.

I have been doing these movements for 3 days and can noticeably feel a reduction in pain throughout the shoulders and trap areas. I have been focusing a bit more on the shoulder stuff since I have dislocated both shoulders numerous times. 


SEE THE SET UP: click here

The areas will come from the following categories:

  • HIP FLEXOR:>>>>> >>>>>>>>Psoas Stretch
  • HIP ABDUCTION: >>>>>>>>>Lying side leg lifts
  • HIP EXTENTION : Glute Bridge
  • HIP ADDUCTION : >>>>>>>>>>>Standing Hip Lift
  • ERECTOR SPINAE: >>>>>>>>>>>Cat Stretch
  • ABDOMINALS: >>>>>>>Dead Bug Pose/Movement 
  • PECTORIALS: >>>>Doorway/Corner of wall Pull
  • UPPER TRAP: >>>Rotator Cuff Band/Tube Stretch
  • HEAD FLEXION :Chin Down Holds 
  • GENERAL POSTURE: Bulgers Relief 


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