WOD: Thursday April 12th 2012 (Pulling Power)

12 Apr

Complex 1: (I used doubles to complete this workout… 2 x Jump Shrug 2 x Dumbbell Snatch…. 50 reps of each)

Hip Dominant/Horizontal Pull

  • 155 LB Jump Shrug
  • 60 LB 1-ARM Dumbbell Snatch 

Complex 2: (I used Kipping Pull Ups in sets of 5, regressing around 35 to jumping chest to bar) 

Vertical Pulling Power

  • 50 Pull Ups 

Complex 3: (Alternate Wide/Close Grip Each Set.. ie-W/C/W/C/W

Arm Pulling Power

  • E-Z Bar Curl @ 50 LB x 50 reps as fast as possible  


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