The Classic Crossfit Warm-Up (VIDEO)

13 Apr

I do not have a GHD Machine at my gym so for the Sit-Ups I do regular Sit ups on the floor or a Decline Sit-up… as for the Hip Extension I would do a high rep set of Good-mornings or Back Extension Machine 

The Classic CrossFit Warm-Up is 2-3 Rounds of 10-15 reps of :

  • Sampson Stretch
  • Overhead Squats
  • GHD Sit-Ups
  • Hip Extension
  • Pull Ups
  • Dips

We need a warm-up that will increase body temperature and heart rate, provide some stretching, stimulate the entire body, provide practice for basic movements, and finally, prepare for rigorous athletic training.

The essential features of our warm-up are that they include a stretch, extension and flexion of the hips/legs/trunk and pushing and pulling movements.

Scale movements, rounds and reps to complete in under 15 minutes.

Remember this is a warm up, not a workout. Focus on the movement standards and go for perfect form throughout!

Once you have perfected these movements, get creative! Try substituting movements to change difficulty or to practice different movements(ie, rope climb for pull ups, ring push ups for dips, pistols for squats, etc.)


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