9 May

Q) What is 90 day challenge?

A) 90 blog post aimed to teach you the basics of working out…. take the time to understand all 90 posts and you should be able to navigate your way through any gym

Moving along in the Squat Family, today we will cover the Barbell Back Squat. If you are looking for one exercise that does it all, the Back Squat would definitely be a wise choice.

Many people (usually Men) have a tendency to put way to much weight on the bar and end up sacrificing form…… Here is how we fix that

  1. Put a medicine ball or an object at the height of the lowest point of your squat
  2. Squat down until you are lightly sitting on the object
  3. Stand Back up to a strong posture

NOTE: This is a great way to make sure you are getting full depth on your Squat’s; you may be surprised at how hard it is at first but don’t be discouraged. This can be done with any kind of Squat.

Click HERE to see a great video on the Barbell Back Squat

Click HERE to see the Air Squat (a great way to warm-up for a workout of Back Squats)

NOTE: Once you are comfortable with the Back Squat I would recommend you follow a good program such as Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 Manual or something similar… 


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