11 May

Q) What is 90 day challenge?

A) 90 blog post aimed to teach you the basics of working out…. take the time to understand all 90 posts and you should be able to navigate your way through any gym

Today we will be looking at the Back Squats good looking Sister, THE FRONT SQUAT. The Front Squat is a great variation to the Back Squat and performed very similar, however instead of the bar being behind the neck, it is placed in front of the shoulders (called the front rack position).

Click HERE to see a video about the Front Squat

NOTE: the front rack position is tough, don’t worry we will go over alternative grips

Q) Why wouldn’t I just do Back Squats… they are easier to learn?

A) The Front Squat offers many options that the Back Squat does not.  Learning the Front Squat will transfer directly into more complicated Olympic style lifts such as the Clean & Press and Barbell Thruster

Click HERE to see a video of the Barbell Thruster

Q) That grip looks really hard and awkward; I don’t think I can do it.

A) If your goal is to eventually transition into more advanced lifts, I recommend you spend the time working on the front rack position however there are many other options.

Click HERE to see a video explaining  easier grip options for the Front Squat

NOTE: Got bad shoulders?…  sometimes people find it hard to reach behind the neck for the Back Squat but utilizing the cross grip on the Front Squat removes this problem and you still get to Squat


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