WORKOUT TYPOLOGY—-> part 2: the system (how many ways can a human move?)

17 May

I came across this system when reading Men’s Health “Power Training” book (see picture below)… it breaks down the body into planes of movement… this system works as a great reference when planning workouts.

You can break workouts down however you like but some popular methods are…


  • Knee Dom/Horizontal Push/Vertical Push
  • Hip Dom/Horizontal Pull/Vertical Pull

Full Body

  • Include one movement from each category


Knee Dominant:  Back & Front Squat/ Deadlift

Hip Dominant:  Stiff Leg Deadlift/ Power Clean

Horizontal Pull:  Barbell Row/ Dumbbell Row

Horizontal Push:   Bench Press/ Dumbbell Chest Press

Vertical Pull: Weighted or Plyo Pull Up/ Pull Up

Vertical Push: Overhead Press/Dumbbell  Overhead Press

Rotational: Russian Twist/Bicycle Crunch

Stability: Plank


Note: all of these movements can be performed both bi-laterally (2 arms) or uni-laterally (1 arm)




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