5 Jun

  • Q) What is 90 day challenge?
  • A) 90 blog post aimed to teach you the basics of working out…. take the time to understand all 90 posts and you should be able to navigate your way through any gym

The Overhead- Press is as it sounds,  pressing weight over your head. This is an often neglected exercise for a few reasons.

  • It’s really hard: if you do not put time into developing your Overhead-Press you will inevitably be quite weak when attempting it.. and this is a hit to the ego
  • Conspiracy against the Overhead-Press: For some reason people have developed a phobia against the Overhead-Press, saying things like it’s dangerous and will cause shoulder problems. This is not the case if you use it properly, just like any other exercise….. if you use poor form or too much weight you are at risk of hurting yourself.

I found a great video by the legendary strength and conditioning coach Martin Rooney… in the video he goes over why the Overhead-Press is awesome and how to execute it

Click HERE to see the video


Ok well it is not quite a workout….. go to the gym and see where your Overhead Press strength is at. This will give you an accurate view of how to plan your workouts to develop a stronger Overhead Press

  • What is the heaviest weight you can use and still get 5 reps?


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