JUNE 5/30—-> THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE (spend less time doing unproductive things on the internet)

5 Jun

Q) What is the 30 day challenge

A) The thirty day challenge is a reason to start becoming the person you have always wanted to be.  Take the next 30 days to develop habits and routines that will directly benefit your goals. Each day you hold yourself accountable to completing selected tasks that will bring you closer to having/being a better you.


This month for me is all about getting myself in order, I originally thought I would start this doing everything perfect, it is clear now that it takes a bit of time to truly accept the things that need changing in your life.

We all have an emotional guidance system that lets us know if what we are doing feels good or bad. I have been analyzing the things in my life that make me feel both good and bad.

New Habit # 1: —–> spend less time doing unproductive things on the internet

  • I am choosing to implement this into my daily routine because I notice I can waste anywhere from 10-30 minutes surfing the internet bef0re I realize what I am doing. Once I have wasted times surfing the internet I find it hard to get back on track/being productive.

*click here to see the 30 day challenge archive



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