JUNE 8/30—- THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE (talk to a stranger today)

8 Jun

Q) What is the 30 day challenge

A) The thirty day challenge is a reason to start becoming the person you have always wanted to be.  Take the next 30 days to develop habits and routines that will directly benefit your goals. Each day you hold yourself accountable to completing selected tasks that will bring you closer to having/being a better you.


Make conversation with 1 stranger today?

push yourself out of your comfort zone to the best of your ability, try to engage in a meaningful conversation with at least one new person..

  • Friend of a friend
  • Cashier/Waiter
  • Total Stranger
  • New Habit # 3: —–>

Have a meaningful exchange with at least one stranger today


“Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends.”


*click here to see the 30 day challenge archive

Habit # 1: —- spend less pointless time on the internet

Habit # 2:—--plan what you are going to do tomorrow before bed each night

Habit # 3—–  talk to 1 stranger each day



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