……What is the 21 day challenge & Why its for you……

15 Sep

What is the 21 day challenge?

 Integrating habits that will guarantee a positive effect. It is consciously taking control of your willpower and directing it towards a better life.


 As a beginner I am going to pick five (5) things I want to change and stick to it. The more ways you can find to hold yourself accountable, will be directly correlated with your chances of success


 Habit Examples:

 1-Take all my Nutritional Supplements (Daily Supplement Checklist)

 2-Perform Daily Yoga Routine & Breath Work (Daily Activity Checklist)

 3-Read min 30 minutes (Daily Activity Checklist)

 4-Plan my day tomorrow the night before (Daily Activity Checklist)

 5-Journal my thought of at lest one full page (Daily Activity Checklist)

 Making a Checklist:

 You can use any spreadsheet software to easily make all kinds of checklists and ways to keep yourself accountable. Even if you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can always download (OpenOffice CLICK HERE) or use  (GoogleDocs CLICK HERE)


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