October 1st 2012–> Time to set some goals (where do you want to be Nov 1?)

1 Oct

“Trust me one year from now you will wish you started today”

Yesterday a friend of myn asked me what my goals are for October and I was stumped. I had forgot that I could use the beginning of the month as a catalyst for a new cycle of growth. It was about 8:00 pm and I was having a lazy Sunday and my friend says “why don’t you come for a run with me”…. my first instinct was to say “no im good maybe tomorrow” but then I remembered that I am starting a new cycle of growth. I said LETS DO IT!… Once I got into the run I felt amazing and it was a great decision. When I got home I was filled with positive energy, it gave me the motivation to plan out all my goals for the month of October

Moral of the story:

1) Today is the start of the month: set goals for yourself and put in the work to achieve them, where do you want to be Nov 1?

2) Pushing yourself to do things that you don’t want to do can have great side effects.


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