CREATING THE PERFECT DIET (vol. 1) the food log

13 Jun

click HERE to download FOOD LOG  (.PDF FORMAT)

A food log does not have to be complicated , the first step in the process is to figure out which foods work well with your body.


Things to include:

  1.  Ingredients: include everything measurements, liquids, supplements etc
  2. Time: what time did you finish your last bite? This is beneficial in assessing how the combination of macro-nutrients affected your Insulin and Glucagon levels. Aim to feel satisfied for 3-4 hours.
  3. Mood: after consuming this meal did you have energy or were you sluggish?
  4. Satisfaction: were you left feeling hungry, satisfied or stuffed? 
  5. Energy: how long did it take until you became hungry again, on the log above I score this out of 4. If you went all 4 hours it would be 4/4 if you were hungry again in 2 hours it would be 2/4


NOTE: Food Combination: paying attention to food combining can be a hidden cause of discomfort.  For example many researchers have found that eating fruit at the end of a meal can cause bloating and gas due to its quick rate of digestion in comparison to other foods. A simple tweak in food combination may be your missing link to more energy.




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