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CROSSFIT Bodyweight Workout Resource v2.0

9 Nov







19 Sep

There are many theories on this topic, I will be covering my own personal opinion that I adopted from the Crossfit methodology. Most people break their workouts into sessions per week. Instead try looking at things from a monthly perspective.

  • ….Yeah but how many days a week?

3 days on 1 day off seems to work really well, this turns out to be about 20 workouts a month.  If you are putting yourself through tough workouts every time, you will begin to plateau around the third day. Listen to your body; I often take 2 or more days off if I am very beat up from the previous workouts. Remember it’s all about performance; it makes no sense to go to the gym if you’re sore and tired you’re better off resting and hitting it tomorrow when you can actually accomplishing something.


You have 20 workouts with this method, what are you going to do with it? Have a goal in mind that you are slowly but surely going to accomplish at the end of the month. This topic will be covered in depth soon.

WOD BODY-WEIGHT BONANZA: September 15th 2011

15 Sep
I like to devote at least one workout a week to strictly body-weight exercises. I posted the weight and time parameters that I use however you may want to do more or less based on your own fitness level. Note that any of the exercises can be done with or without weights.
  • Complex 1

30 (s)                     4 pull ups

30 (s)                     4 dips or plyo-push ups 

Repeat for 5 min

  • Complex 2

30 (s)                     Handstand Hold

30 (s)                     Rest

Repeat for 5 min

Click HERE to see how to do a Handstand Hold

  • Complex 3

30 (s)                     5 x Weighted Sit Up

30 (s)                     Plank

Repeat for 5 min

Click HERE to see the Weighted Sit-Up

  • Complex 4

30 (s)                     5 x Hyper-Extensions

30 (s)                     5 x Hanging Leg Raises 

Repeat for 5 min

*Cant do hanging leg raises?…. do floor leg raises

Click HERE to see the Hyper-Extention

Click HERE to see the Hanging Leg Raise 

Ever wanted to walk on your hands? (BODY-WEIGHT/GYMNASTICS)

13 Sep

Practicing the Handstand is beneficial for many reasons, its great for building up core and shoulder stability and most importantly, you can impress your friends at parties. We all have to start somewhere and this video goes over the basic beginners progression to becoming efficient at the Handstand. 

Click HERE to see the video  

NOTE: I like to integrate the Handstand into my workout complex’s,  here is an example…  

Handstand Complex:

30 (s) Handstand Hold against a wall

30 (s) Rest

Repeat for 5 minutes 

How to workout anywhere 101: Friday September 9th 2011 (BODY-WEIGHT/GYMNASTICS))

9 Sep

Today I feel like doing some bodyweight complex’s because I have been lifting a lot of heavy weights lately and I want to see if it has made me stronger all around.

NOTE: don’t have an interval timer? set a rep range for each complex…use a stop watch and try to get through as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes. This workout could be done at a park, instead of heavy bag work do some sprints.

Example: 5 pull ups + 5 dips … how many rounds can you get through in 5 minutes?

Complex 1

30 (s)     5 x Pull ups

30 (s)     5 x Dips

Repeat for 5 Minutes

Complex 2

30 (s) L-Hang      * when you fail go into leg raises

30 (s) Plank

Click HERE to see what an L-Hang looks like

Complex 3

30 (s) Handstand Hold against a wall

30 (s) Rest

Repeat for 5 minutes


30 (s) Jab-Cross- Left Kick-Sprawl

30 (s) Cross-Jab Right Kick-Sprawl

Repeat for 5 minutes