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–FIT IT ALL IN PROJECT– (Yoga/Cardio & Strength Training)

18 Jun

I split my training progressions into 4-week blocks or if you want to get technical “Mesocycles” . I’ve been focusing very intensely on weightlifting over the last 12 weeks and have come to realize that my cardio is starting to pay the price.

 My goal for the next 4-week block is to find an optimal ratio of strength to cardio training where I can continue to put weight on the bar while simultaneously build my cardio back and make time for Yoga. 

 I am one of those lucky people that have a lot of time to work out as I run my own gym and live beside a football field and track. I have come up with the basic template that will incorporate several 2/day workouts.

 The real question for me is finding the ratio of work to rest so I can recover and continue to make progressions. Each session will be short and to the point.



I’ve made this template on the assumption that every 2 days of hard work I will take at least 1 day of full rest or light Yoga as I’ve found this works well for my body. Some people can go 3 on 1 off but I wouldn’t push it past that.


 **What is 5/3/1 click HERE (due to the increase in load from the cardio/yoga sessions I will only do essential accessory work in my 5/3/1 sessions)


Day 1:

 AM: Yoga

PM: Back Squat (5/3/1)

 Day 2:

 AM: Lane Swimming

 PM: Overhead Press (5/3/1)

 Day 3:


 Day 4:

 AM: Sprints/Speed Work

 PM:  Deadlift  (5/3/1)

 Day 5:

 AM: Yoga

 PM: Bench Press (5/3/1)

Day 6:

Yoga or Rest

Day 7:

 Yoga or Rest