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STRUCTURING THE 60 MINUTE WORKOUT (how to fit it all in)

5 Jul

This article will explain a basic structure for organizing a 60-minute workout addressing (4) main areas.


(1) Warm Up (15 min)

(2) Skill Work (10 min)

(3) WOD or Main Lifts (20 min)

(4) Mobility (15 min)


Depending on your goals will determine how you spend each of these sections but below is an example of how you can structure a workout focusing on The Overhead Squat as the skill work followed by a 20 minute Lower Body Endurance Workout.


Warm Up: (approx. 12-15 minutes)

 Lower Body

1:00 Agility Ladder

1:00 4 Corner Pylon Drill

1:00 Agility Ladder

1:00 4 Corner Pylon Drill


2:00 Foam Roll/leg

2:00 Foam Roll/leg


Upper Body

1:00 Medicine Ball Throws (against wall)

1:00 TRX Row + Y-Row

1:00 Medicine Ball Throws (against wall)

1:00 TRX Row + Y Row


 Skill Work: (approx. 10 minutes)

Overhead Squat

2:00 PVC Overhead Squat Complex (5 x dislocations + 10 x Overhead Squat)

1:00 Rest

2:00 PVC Overhead Squat Complex (5 x dislocations + 10 x Overhead Squat)

5:00 Overhead Squat x 5 reps (unloaded barbell-up to 25 reps)


WOD: Lower Body “100” (approx. 20 minutes)

 25 x Double Kettlebell Swing

25 x TRX Single Leg Squat or Lunge (12 each)

25 x Sit up/Ab slide or Leg Raise  

25 x Double Kettlebell Front Squat

 *How many rounds can get in 20:00

** Aim for 4 rounds= complete “100”


 Mobility (approx. 15 minutes)

 –2:00 x 7-8 rounds on various flow and stretching drills



The Big “3” Basic Strength Standards for Men (Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press)

4 Jul

If you are new to lifting these number might seem overwhelming, a great goal to shoot for is the following

Back Squat @ 135 x 10 reps

Deadlift @ 135 x 10 reps

Bench Press @ 115 LB x 10 Reps


Note: click HERE for more detailed chart (including Power Clean/Press etc)

The Exercise: Barbell Deadlift

Standard: 1.5x Bodyweight
Above Average: 2x Bodyweight
Superhero: 2.75x Bodyweight

The Exercise: Barbell Back Squat

Standard: 1.5x Bodyweight
Above Average: 1.75x Bodyweight
Superhero: 2.5x Bodyweight

The Exercise: Barbell Bench Press

Standard: 1x Bodyweight
Above Average: 1.5x Bodyweight
Superhero: 2x Bodyweight








The NorCal Margarita: (low carb-paleo friendly drink)

28 Jun

with the long weekend coming up… for us Canadians I thought it would be a great time to do a post on the NorCal Margarita that Robb Wolf is always talking about. For anyone that does not know Robb, check out his book “The Paleo Solution” and listen to his podcast “The Paleo Solution Podcast” which is available on Itunes for FREE.

Dont get it twisted though, alcohol is not good for you no matter how paleo friendly it may be, that being said… lets have some fun!

NorCal Margarita Recipe (and ingredients)

  • 2 shots of high quality tequila
  • The juice and pulp of one lime
  • Club soda to taste
  • Shake it up
  • Serve on the rocks

What you’ve got yourself here is a 130-150 calorie beverage that is low carb (5 grams or less), low sugar (5 grams or less), and not too sweet or sour.

But why is this any better?

Traditional margaritas will spike your insulin levels, promote fat storage, and dehydrate the heck out of you. With the NorCal Margarita some of these issues are addressed.

  • The tequila being used is fermented agave juice, both gluten and starch free
  • The lime juice blunts the insulin response of alcohol
  • The carbon dioxide bubbles in the club soda help to deliver the ethanol to your blood stream quicker, thus you drink less with the same effect

Awesome! But what if I’m at a bar?

  • Some bars will know what a NorCal Margarita is
  • If not, ask for a club soda with lime in a tall glass and 1-2 shots of tequila on the side. Grab a straw and mix it up yourself.




WOD: Thursday June 27th (Lower Body “100” Complex)

27 Jun


Double Kettlebell Swing click HERE

TRX Single Leg Squat click HERE

Pistol click HERE

Sit Up click HERE

Shin to Bar click HERE

Double Kettlebell Front Squat click HERE



Each round consist of:

  • 25 x Double Kettlebell Swings
  • 25 x Pistols or TRX Single Leg Squats (12 each)
  • 25 x Sit Ups or Shin to Bar
  • 25 x Double Kettlebell Front Squat


Starting Weight:

Men= 2 x 20 LB Kettlebell

Woman= 2 x 10 LB Kettlebell




Barbell Deadlift or Barbell Squat @ 70%  1 RM

*As many reps as possible in 2:00


3-2-1 SQUAT METHOD (9 Minutes of HELL)

24 Jun

This is one of my favorite workouts for a quick in-and-out when pressed for time. Use a light weight and move fast: 35-50% 1RM is fine.

  • 3 minutes: As many reps as possible without racking the bar.
  • 2 minutes: Rest
  • 2 minutes: As many reps as possible without racking the bar.
  • 1 minute:  Rest
  • 1 minute: As many reps as possible without racking the bar.


This information was taken from the article “4 Ways to Build Mental Toughness” click HERE to see the original article